Travelling in style and comfort

When we dream of voyages, we tend to dream about our arrival at the destination or the goal that inspired us to embark on a journey to experience joyous, intense moments.

When we dream about travelling, we hardly think about the hours of waiting we need to accomplish it. Though the body may be on the move, the spirit has already dropped anchor at the final port.

A voyage must be prepared

A voyage must be prepared and imagined through every angle. Some people take along books to read, others listen to music or watch movies. And one thing is a constant: a voyage must be as comfortable as possible.

But comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing style and elegance, it is not a renouncement but rather an extra luxury. An object we travel with can be a tiny part of “chez soi” that makes us feel good and insures the perfect transition between a familiar place and an unknown land.

Amédée 1851, accompanying you on your personal voyage

Amédée 1851 wants to make this passage as pleasant as possible by using the most exceptional Merino wool for each model.

Its sometimes little-known virtues have many qualities like softness, breathability and heat-regulating properties that make it ideal for long voyages. And as a protective barrier against the inconveniencies of a voyage, it can be like a second home to snuggle into and make us feel comfortable.

This is a luxurious item, full of emotions, that will accompany us on our personal odyssey.