Slow down the rhythm and take time

There are many ways to imagine the passage of time. While some run desperately after the hours that escape them, others seize them with gusto to make them their own and ultimately conquer them. Time is no longer a tricky enemy that gets away from us but rather an ally of living today.

Amédée 1851 knows it is important to slow down the rhythm and take time to open up to others, ourselves and the world. That it is good to live each day fully and passionately, to be transported by everyday fluxes or events that give rhythm to our voyages, often the essence of our existence.

Là tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté.

An ode to those enjoying slow production

It’s okay if our thoughts get lost here or there without our being able to control them. And it is a pleasure to travel the world by opening up to simple joys that spice up each day.

We can slip beyond restrictions, erase established routines and renew moments of sharing one-on-one or in groups. It is important to care about others… and ourselves as well.

And it is important to savor time since it can disappear so quickly. This is vital for the craftsmen who make our exceptional pieces as they concentrate on knitting, hand-rolling or printing our models to make elegant finishes that will last.

Their handiwork is a joy for anyone who admires slow production to savor either on days where everything goes too fast or on days when time appears to stand still. Each instant is a moment that counts.