Exceptional presents

There are presents that can’t be bought and are given everyday: love, attention, time, kindness. And there are exceptional presents, often symbolic, that are chosen with patience, care and reflection. These gifts, imagined to last, will stay with the receiver and are imbued with the sentiments of the giver.

A present bestows multiple promises. It glorifies, revives and sets emotions on fire. It is the link that reveals the relationship between two protagonists. A present is a whole, undefined anchor of love. We share this vision of an exceptional present.

A gift? No, an experience.

Carefully enveloped in a soft pouch embroidered with “Amédée 1851”, each model is slipped into a luxurious, subtly perfumed gift box. Then special attention is added with a gift, for orders above a certain amount, that will stimulate the nose, awaken the touch and capture the eye.

Offering an Amédée 1851 scarf is more than a gesture, it is an experience, a parenthesis, an escape. A total experience that begins even before the present has been opened.