The art of knotting

The only limits that exist are those we fix ourselves. How can you tie an Amédée 1851 scarf? In a classic way? Or is there a way that defines your sense of style?

In the image of models developed in different sizes and made with various weaving or knitting techniques, there is not just one but many ways to tie a scarf. To each his or her own “twist” to revolutionize the art and manner of wearing it.

Amédée 1851 models adapt to endless knotting methods, the best is whatever instinctively feels right in your hands.

The twill square

With a confident gesture, arrange the square around your neck by folding it, rolling it and then hiding the ends.

The most classic way to knot your square doesn’t have to be boring, especially when it’s embellished with a dramatic knot to finish off the effect!

A chic, personal signature.

The twill square worn as a shawl

A nonchalant knot doesn’t have to be simple.

Slide your fingers along your majestic square, cross it delicately behind the nape of your neck and then let its ends rest on each side of your shoulders… it’s magic!

The bandana

This mini scarf has an inherent chic and an infinite charm: it can be twisted or crossed and worn like a bandana, a bracelet or even to embellish your hairstyle with flair…

More than a detail, this is a game of clever fingers. And more than an accessory, it will make you look sublime!

The jacquard square

Its generous format is ideal for many novelty looks…

It can be folded, rolled, turned or placed around the neck to spread its soft, comforting warmth.

A final touch gives it that little extra: the scarf ring. A novelty? Of course… with a chic touch of originality!

The jacquard square worn as a shawl

Its generous size offers endless possibilities and calls for just a bit of dexterity.

A few turns, a few pleated and folded effects, a few savvily placed knots…

Polymorphous… and essential!


Wrap it once around your neck or tie it in a knot for either the shawl or scarf versions. Show it off instinctively by throwing it over the opposite shoulder with a precise gesture.

However you wear it, it will provide welcome warmth and a comforting softness.

The poncho

Just place it over your shoulders, let it drape, then belt it… as the key piece of your outfit.

Cross its panels to make it even more chic… and an integral part of your elegance.