Accessorize your scarf

Should a scarf be cleverly knotted? Should it lead a classic, solitary existence?

Amédée 1851 scarves, like all the company’s models, are chic and modern with a rebellious touch. Their measurements have been carefully thought out so they can be worn in different ways: around the wrist like a sophisticated bracelet, tied to a handbag, as a bandeau to let hair blow in the wind for a retro touch or even as a belt to pep up an outfit.

However, there’s still a way to break its solitude and jolt its classicism: a scarf ring. It will enhance the scarf like jewelry and transform the knot from being ordinary to being unique. Slim or thick, twisted, gold, colored, worked or minimal, the scarf ring offers multiple possibilities, a special plus to make your style unique, original and elegant.

And when you take off the ring, it becomes a piece of jewelry to embellish your fingers or be worn as a necklace.